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Author's Note

An unplanned visit to Vanuatu in 2001 changed me. I witnessed 80 miracles and saw more than 600 people choose to follow Jesus. Each day of the three weeks was an adventure. During my time throughout the trip, I recorded my thoughts, observations, and experiences in two journals. Having almost losing them last year, I decided after 20 years, to publish them. They are real and raw, though I have removed a few of my sharper comments and disguised some of the names. You will be surprised to read the stories of what God did during that mission.


My greatest joy was meeting my friend and brother Jerry. Ever since this first trip, Wendy has supported my broad ministry in the South Pacific. My friend John created the term Coconut Apostles as a joke to describe our bumbling obedience to the Holy Spirit. I am grateful for everything he taught me.


Conrad Parsons

The Author   

Pastor and leadership coach based in Melbourne

Conrad Parsons was born in Sydney and grew up in Adelaide and in the Blue Mountains. He became a Christian in 1986 just before entering training as an evangelist. In 1991 he married Wendy in Bathurst. They moved to London in 1996 following the publication of his first book, Understanding Evangelists. In 2001, after launching an international ministry, Conrad visited Vanuatu on a three-week mission. His love of people in the Pacific Islands has continued since that visit. He has three ministry degrees including a Doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary. He and Wendy, and their children, live in Melbourne. Conrad started coaching evangelists in 2001, and now continues to teach evangelists and trains leadership coaches globally.

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