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Coconut Apostles: Principle #1

Updated: Jan 14, 2022


My recent interview with Tina from Evangelism Australia has brought fresh attention to Coconut Apostles and opened a discussion on mission principles. A key principle is that a mission changes the missionary as much as it changes the people engaged with the mission. Another principle is that our preferred method of evangelism should reflect the acceptance, mercy, and grace of the gospel message that we are proclaiming. The ways in which we engage lost people should demonstrate to them God’s care, love, and proximity in the world. Coconut Apostles put me in a space where I could learn new things about introducing people to a personal relationship with God. Religion just won’t do, people can encounter the living God and I invite you to refresh your own connection with the Lord by reading my book.

"Reflecting on my mission experience in Vanuatu has been a rich source of learning."

Watch the video below to find out my #1 tip for communicating the gospel!

Stay tuned for more insights to be shared in the weeks to come! "Reflecting on my mission experience in Vanuatu has been a rich source of learning. Video provided by Evangelism in Australia (YouTube) Link:

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Since 2000, Conrad has been locating and encouraging new evangelists around the world. He has been working in full-time paid ministry since 1988. In 2001, after launching an international ministry, Conrad visited Vanuatu on a three-week mission.


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